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We are a remix service for professional, Club & Radio DJs.

9 Inch Remix Service is best known for creating blazing remixes that produce outstanding crowd responses.

Since our first CD release back in June 27th 2007, we have been helping 1000's of DJs heat up the dance floors all around the world! Our BLUE MAGIC MP3 platform is currently stocking some of the latest and hottest remixes that are sure to get your crowd rocking!

We believe that our BLUE MAGIC MP3 platform is the BEST and MOST UNIQUE in the world. It enables you to quickly search for tracks, and instantly download them in time for your gigs.

We guarantee that if you use our remixes just once, you will be back to get more!




  • We have the Hottest Remixes in the world, PERIOD.

  • All remixes are of the highest possible mp3 quality (320 kbps) & at a most reasonable price.

  • We employ several notation systems that give you, at a glance, ALL the possible information about a remix you may need BEFORE YOU BUY.

  • Our audio previews are not misleading like on other platforms; We give you the FULL PICTURE before you buy, so that you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with what you buy. That is why our DJ customers are REGULAR DJ customers.

  • Our BLUE MAGIC platform, offers many Types and Versions of remixes, which caters EXACTLY to your unique mixing style, so you can get EXACTLY what you want.

  • Our Track Configuration Notation™, Harmonic Key Notation™, Coupled with Remix Types™ and Versions™, are UNIQUE TO 9 INCH REMIX ONLY.

  • How many times have you paid full price for a CD compilation only because you wanted 1 or 2 tracks from it? Our System solves this issue for you.

  • Bottom line: Get exactly what you want, what you need, what you will use, when you want it & at a very reasonable price.



  • New features added for This Months Top 50 & All Time Top 100! - 14/04/09

  • THIS MONTHS TOP 50 & ALL TIME TOP 100! feature now available with a much clearer colour scheme. - 28/02/09

  • Few errors on the site have been fixed, to suite I.E 7 and Safari browsers, If anyone is still experiencing website issues, please let us know. - 26/02/09

  • We have finally moved to our new server, so you can download from our very own website!- 14/02/09


9 INCH REMIX, is a Remix Service for DJs ONLY. You cannot purchase these Releases UNLESS you are a professional working DJ. The tracks contained in our compilations are a form of advertising for artists. If you are not a DJ, and you like this material, please go and buy the artists albums and help these artists grow.


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